Bouret, your store to be the perfect guest at a wedding.

Are you looking for a store to buy wedding guest dresses? Whether the wedding is civil or religious, themed, elegant or informal, you are in the right place. From our physical stores throughout Spain and our online shop, we design dresses so that you can be the perfect guest. We dress brides and also their loved ones with a firm purpose: to create emotions. Our looks seek to adapt to the style of each of our clients, and never the other way around . We want our dresses to be a vehicle for expressing your own way of being, because only then can you be the perfect guest. Looking for that Príªt-í -couture mix of comfort, sophistication, naturalness and elegance, we look for inspiration in nature, in bohemianism, in the 20s and in a marked vintage character with retro evocations. It is common to see guests at a wedding who seem to be dressed up, who have not known how to combine the hat they are wearing or that ideal accessory with their dress. That is why we extend this design idea to our headdresses. and all the elements that complement your outfit.

Since 2010, being your store so that you can be the perfect guest at a wedding.

Of course, you can contact our store and ask us what dress to combine with what elements to be, indeed, the perfect guest. One piece of advice we usually give is to always pay attention to the decorative style of the wedding decorations that your friend has chosen for her wedding, so that you use the event setup as an accent of your own style. Follow the advice we give you on our Instagram and apply it to the models that you can find in our online shop, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us and ask us your questions. We have been dressing guests since 2010. If you want a dress that will attract all eyes (well, the right ones, since the bride is supposed to be looking at) and that will let you dance until dawn, welcome to Bouret.
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