What to wear to a civil wedding in the morning and look perfect

You're a guest at a civil wedding and are you looking for ideas to dress? In this article we will share the best tips so that you can look perfect, even if it is morning.

Previously, there was a big difference between the codes of dress at a civil wedding and religious weddings. Religious ceremonies were considered much more formal and therefore at these events the bride and groom and guests were dressed more lavishly.

Nowadays, wedding protocols are increasingly confusing: it is increasingly common to see brides in long, elaborate wedding dresses and elegantly dressed guests at civil weddings .

How to dress for an informal civil wedding

He white is “forbidden” . As in a religious wedding, white is reserved for brides. So leave that color aside if you don't want to focus the attention that belongs to the bride.

On the other hand, don't wear black. If you are invited to a civil wedding, black is not the most appropriate color. In the Western world, black is associated with mourning, it is better to choose another color and avoid black.

Although, of course, black can be used at a civil wedding when balanced with other colors. For example, you can use a black dress or suit with colorful accessories such as shoes, a bag, a thick necklace or a shawl.

If you are attending a daytime civil wedding, you will need a more relaxed outfit than what you would wear for an evening occasion. As a guest, we recommend a semi-formal attire . As always, it is a topic that you can and should discuss with the hosts, in case they have specific dress codes and topics.

Guest dress for tomorrow's civil wedding

The obvious choice for a guest at a morning civil wedding is a dress. A classic semi-formal outfit is the knee length cocktail dress , either above the knee or below. In this article we discuss how to find a cocktail dress May it be perfect for you .

The printed dresses They will look great, especially if the wedding is in spring. Most types of necklines will be fine, but don't choose something too daring: remember that it is the bride who should be the center of attention.

You can too opt for a long jumpsuit , although you should keep in mind that those that look best for weddings during the day are those in pastel colors and that they are long to the shin instead of the real long jumpsuits.

As As an alternative to a guest dress for tomorrow's civil wedding , long chiffon pants will also look great with an elegant shirt or matching top.

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