On-demand production

The fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, due to the overproduction of fashion. Since Boüret was founded in 2010, we have been aware of this and we always produce on demand, in order to avoid unnecessary stock.

With this, we avoid the conventional cycle of sales and move away from the fashion calendar

Local Production

All our garments are works of artisan dressmakers from Galicia, all of them women and they work in small workshops. Local production allows us to generate a lower environmental cost, control production times, quality, working conditions and reduce the transport of garments.


We do not make sales, because we want a fair price for you throughout the year. If there is any excess stock left, it can be purchased in the "Outlet" tab the following season.


In each collection we increase the garments composed of natural and organic fibers. The road is long and we are aware that being 100% sustainable is practically impossible, but little by little we will get closer. We are constantly searching for new fibers to maintain quality standards.

At Boüret we want to commit ourselves so that by 2025 70% of our production will be 100% sustainable.

Boüret Timeless

Diseñamos para que tu prenda sea eterna y te la puedas poner dentro de una década y esté como nueva.

“Tu consumo puede cambiar el mundo”

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