About Us

Boüret is an independent fashion house based in A Coruña. Founded in 2010 by designer Vanessa Datorre.

With a vintage, eclectic and poetic aesthetic, the Boüret world is a perfect alchemy between beauty and timelessness.

Boüret has established its own language, to freely express who we are, with cuts close to Haute Couture, sophisticated and functional silhouettes.

At heart, Boüret is a storyteller. The collections are designed around a narrative that defines women in a specific place and time.

Boüret fashion is sensorial, timeless and detailed at the service of emotion: it is not what you wear, but how you feel that matters.

Respect for traditional skills is combined with love for innovation, technique and application.

Mind and hand work together to bring imagination to life with precision, savoir faire and the tantalizing craftsmanship of the handcrafted.

Nostalgia and conscience to last in time.