Made in Spain


Where timelessness and elegance share a soul.

The narrative power of clothing is truly felt when only the wearer is the true protagonist.

At Boüret, we aim to merge clothing with the individual, placing emotions and sensations at the forefront.

From A Coruña to the world

Boüret was born in A Coruña (Spain) in 2010 under the guidance of Vanessa Datorre.

On a first-floor setting, using social media as our showcase, we shared with the world what we are passionate about, while becoming friends with our "boüretes."

The story began with a small collection of dresses as a showcase, each one tailor-made. Our headquarters remain in A Coruña; the sentimental, artisanal, and industrial ties with the region are essential to continue narrating our story.

Made in Spain

Our garments proudly bear the label "Made in Spain."

They are crafted in small workshops run by women in Galicia, who employ artisanal methods and haute couture techniques passed down from generation to generation.

We are committed to maintaining local production to ensure that our quality standards align with our values.


We create pieces with no expiration date.

We draw inspiration from timeless trends and silhouettes.

Quality is our common language to ensure that our pieces endure over time, without compromising on staying at the forefront of innovation.


All our garments are made to order, thereby avoiding unnecessary stock and generating minimal waste.